What We Believe


We believe there is a God, and that He is the Creator of all we see and of all that exists.  As the One, True God, He is unlimited in power, morally flawless and unmatched in love.  God is 3 Persons in 1 - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This is called the Trinity.
The Father is attributed the work of Creation.
The Son is attributed the work of Salvation.
The Holy Spirit is attributed the work of Sanctification (working of faith and a changed life in believers).


We believe that God created the world, the universe, and all creation in 6 days.  The pinnacle of His creation is mankind; made in the image of the perfect God, He established a personal, eternal relationship with man.  However, the choice of the first man, Adam, was to disobey God, and resulted in the loss of this relationship, forever seperating him and all mankind from God.  This seperation and willfully living according to our own desires (independent from God) produces ungodly behavior which the Bible calls sin.
Sin continues even today, separating all of mankind from God and dooming us to eternal pain and suffering.  No matter how much we try on our own, we can not earn God's forgiveness.  But God, moved by His perfect love for us, sacrificed His own beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who was willing to die in our place, paying the price of our moral indebtedness to God.  Because of this undeserved Grace, it is possible to have a restored relationship with God.  All that is required is Faith in Jesus as your Savior and the humility and faith to ask God for forgiveness in Jesus' name.  Because we have been set free from sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live according to God's Will.  Through daily repentance we grow closer to Him.  This story of redemption is told in the Scriptures - the inerrant, inspired Word of God.  It is here that we learn of God's Love for us and His Will for our lives.  We study the Bible because our goal is to be more like Jesus!
We believe God is passionate about YOU and wants you to experience real and eternal life with Him!  Our mission at TLC is to help Connect People with Christ.
If you have any questions or would like a fuller explanation of what we believe, feel free to contact our Pastor at: