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Back to School Sermon Series

Back to School

Going Back to School isn't just for kids... we can learn important lessons too about what is truly important.  Join us as we hear lessons from Jesus - the Master Teacher.
Promises, Promises Sermon Series

Promises, Promises...

Everyone has been promised something at one time or another, but how about a promise from God? Join us as we study God's promise to Abraham to make him a great nation and a blessing to the whole world... and discover God makes this promise to you too!
Sermon Series - Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Giving thanks is so much more than being thankful for our current circumstances. Thankfulness is a way of life reflected in how we use our time, talents, and resources recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God. Join us as we reflect on what it means to be good stewards of everything God has given us.
Sermon Series - Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Ask any kid what the best part of Christmas is and they will likely say the presents! Giving them, getting them, the excitement of opening those pretty wrapped boxes on Christmas morning... it's all part of the joy of Christmas. God loves to be part of the gift giving too! Join us as we look at His Christmas Gifts that we receive, give, and share.