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Sermon Series - A New Journey

A New Journey

Ever wanted a second chance? Feel like you need a fresh start? At one time or another we all have. Through Jesus we have been given that fresh start. Join us as we take a look at how life can be an exciting new journey in Him!
Sermon Series - God's Not Grey

God's Not Grey

Often things in this world seem to be so dark and disturbing. Things like love, truth, and life seem to be so complex we don't know what to think. We are told "everything is relative" and "it is up to you to decide what is good for you." We are told that is there is no right and wrong, only varying "shades of grey." Join us as we discover that God is never changing and He has a perfect plan for you that is anything but "grey."
Sermon Series - Prodigal


Ever felt lost? Not sure how to get back home... or even if anyone even wants you back? No matter where you are... no matter what you've done... no matter how far you think you have strayed from God, it is NEVER too far from God's love and forgiveness. Join us Sundays as we study how even though we might have been lost, through Jesus we are now FOUND!
Sermon Series - Gardening Tips from Jesus

Gardening Tips from Jesus

Do you have a green thumb? Every gardener knows you need certain things to have healthy plants - good soil, sun, and water. When it comes to your faith, the same is true - if you don't give it the proper attention it can wither and die on the vine. Join us as we learn from the "Master Gardener" - Jesus - how to have a bountiful spiritual harvest!
Sermon Series - The Ultimate Roadtrip

The Ultimate Roadtrip

Summertime is the perfect time for a ROADTRIP! But how about going on one that lasts more than just a Summer? Join us as we follow Jesus on His Ultimate Roadtrip... one that leads to eternity!
Sermon Series - Games People Play

Games People Play

Life’s not a game! So why do so many people live as if it is? We seek to come out on top at other people's expense, seek revenge, pretend to be someone we aren't, chase after money and possessions... all while ignore things that have eternal significance. Join us as we learn how to stop playing games and start living with purpose... Because life shouldn’t just be a roll of the dice.
Sermon Series - Empowered by Grace

Empowered by Grace

We have all received countless blessings in our lives from God. The greatest gift, however, is the gift of Grace - the free gift of forgiveness paid for through Jesus' death on the cross. But, what do we do with this gift? Join us as we examine how we have been Empowered by Grace to fulfill our purpose by serving others, sharing our faith, and by giving our first and best to God.