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Sermon Series - A New Year for a New You

A New Year for a New You

With the new year comes the promise of new opportunity! And with the hope that this year will be better than last, many people will make a New Year's Resolution to make a change in their life - to be healthier, better with their money, more involved with family and friends... Join us to hear what God wants our "resolutions" to be this year.
Sermon Series - I Love Sundays!

I Love Sundays

It used to be that Sundays were set aside for church, rest and families. But, for most people, Sundays have become just another busy day of the week with no time left for church or quality time with family. Just as God rested on the seventh day after creation, He wired us to also need rest, relational connection and spiritual renewal once a week. Discover how your relationships, work, finances, and spiritual wellbeing can all be transformed by the decision to make Sunday the best day of your week!
Sermon Series - 10


The Ten Commandments... First they were taken out of schools. Then out of courthouses and the public square. The worst of it is that many people want to take them out of the church too! Are they outdated or do they still have something to teach us. Join us as we study God's unchanging Word!
Sermon Series - Adventures at the Beach

Adventures at the Beach

Do you like going to the beach? There’s the sun, the surf, the sand… Of course at the end of the day there is the sunburn, the sore muscles, the sand in the shorts… What started as a fun day can easily end with cranky kids and even crankier adults! Life is like that, isn’t it? Just when things seem to be going well, we start to let our guard down… kind of like taking a spiritual alertness vacation. That’s when the devil and our old sinful self rise up making our spiritual life feel like it’s “no day at the beach”! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jesus offers us things we need to protect ourselves, give us focus, and find joy and purpose!
Sermon Series - It's Back to...

It's Back to...

Summertime brings warmer weather, vacations, and trips. But once Summer is gone it's time to get back to normal. So... what does that include for you? Join us as we look at how getting back into our everyday routines can model the things we need to include in the "routine" of our spiritual life!